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Zawieziemy Was do roku 1913

Jakiś czas temu obiecaliśmy Wam nową atrakcję w Kołobrzegu. Czas odkryć karty. Kiedyś ktoś powiedział, że wszystkie drogi prowadzą do Rzymu, ktoś inny, że do Mrągowa :) My chcemy Wam powiedzieć, że od tego roku wszystkie drogi w Kołobrzegu prowadzić będą do jednego miejsca – Muzeum 6D na ulicy Rodziewiczówny 15. Wystarczy telefon, a zawieziemy Was tam naszymi Summer Car.

Kołobrzeska Karta Turystyczna?

Czy jesteś za wprowadzeniem KARTY TURYSTYCZNEJ na terenie Kołobrzegu?


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Summer Car Kolobrzeg


Kolobrzeg is considered as one of the most beautiful city on Polish seaside. Its unique atmosphere, numerous attractions and luxuries spa resorts attracts Polish as well as foreign tourists to spend holiday here all year round.

Kołobrzeg has been endowed graciously with blessings of the nature. For tourists who prefer to spend their time actively, there are great deal of biking paths within seaside park. During a cycling excursion everyone will appreciate indescribable beauty of natural monuments such as one-thousand-year old Boleslaw oak.

In order to explore surroundings of the city, you can go for all day fishing trips or cruises to Bornholm in Denmark. Adventure-lovers can rent a paddle in one of many water sport equipment rental and set off on an expedition along river Parsęta.

Those who do not like deep water can go to Sport Centre-Leisure Millenium and watch handball, volleyball or basketball matches. There are also swimming pools, brine pools, squash and tennis courts as well as billboard clubs and bowling. There are also many superb attractions waiting for the youngest, among them: ZOO, Western-style city, ball pools, playgrounds, trampolines and inflatable castles.

Rich city infrastructure encourages to meet art and history in one of the museums and Contemporary Art Gallery, you can also walk around old town or visit impressive lighthouse in which you can enjoy a panoramic view of the city. There is also historic Gothic cathedral built at the turn of XIV and XV century.

What makes Kolobrzeg even more attractive is a large number of cultural events including concerts and a series of musical events such as Sunrise at Amphitheatre. In summertime guests have a chance to seeInternational Meeting of the folklore, Salt Fair and Summer Welcome on the beach under the auspices of Public Television.

As already mentioned, Kolobrzeg is Polish spa resort that offers wide range of treatments, baths, and peat wraps, which is together with brine, natural treasure of the region.

Kolobrzeg is a perfect place for combining relax on the beach with active leisure, where you can spend your time all year round.